The MagicPlay Experience
An Open Source technology by doubleTwist


Choose a song or playlist in doubleTwist.


Tap the MagicPlay icon and pick where you want to play your music.


Enjoy magic, synchronous playback between your devices!

What is MagicPlay?

MagicPlay is an Open Source platform created by doubleTwist that establishes a universal way to stream music to wireless speakers, TVs, car audio systems and other connected devices, bringing music to the Internet of Things.

How does it compare to AirPlay?

MagicPlay has been described as the "Open Source AirPlay" and enables anyone to enjoy synchronized playback of music without investing in expensive proprietary systems such as Sonos or AirPlay-compatible speakers. And since it's open source you can run it on any platform, from Google TV to Raspberry Pi and you'll see cheaper wi-fi speakers coming to market in the coming months.

What do OEMs and developers need to do to integrate support for MagicPlay?

OEMs of wireless speakers, headphones, Smart TVs and other connected devices are able to add support for MagicPlay by simply embedding an open source component. The source code for MagicPlay has now been released to third-party developers to embed into their music apps, giving users the ability to stream their music to any MagicPlay connected device. MagicPlay works on all chipsets, regardless of manufacturer, and is built using Qualcomm's AllJoyn framework.

Where can I download the source code for MagicPlay?

The source code can be found at Developers can also join the doubleTwist beta community on Google+ for MagicPlay news and APK updates.

Who can I contact to discuss partnership opportunities with doubleTwist?

For partnership inquiries, please contact the doubleTwist business development team.